Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Front Planter Destroyed

New renters arrived to move into the house next door on Monday when our snow was so bad and they decided to drive across our front planter (even though I ran out and told them it was there) and then they got stuck. Duh. Then they spent a couple hours trying to dig the truck out of it. Sigh. I feel sorry for all the plants they killed. =(

I don't have any recent photos, but this is how it looked on Jan 2. The ajuga was looking pretty good for being in the middle of winter. And the ferns were getting established. I'm most disappointed about the purple iris being destroyed. I had also planted quite a few bulbs in there, but I don't really remember how many and which varieties. Presumably, they were crushed, but I guess we will see.


  1. That's awful. If the neighbors had an ounce of class they'd have offered to pay for the damage.

    1. Eventually after they parked the truck, they came over to apologize. They could tell I was pretty mad about it. Jeff suggested they finish moving in and then we could talk about how to fix it. I'm sure they'll reimburse the plants, but I am still disappointed about the wasted effort and the lost growing time.

  2. So sorry about your planter, I hope most of your plants will survive. Our snow is melting away, I haven't been out to see how my plants are doing.