Thursday, November 15, 2012

Party Time

Our house turned 100 years old this year.

We decided a while ago to have an open house on December 15 (which is also a few days before our 25th wedding anniversary) — that's why we've been scrambling to get all these projects done.

We're planning to open our house up for folks to drop by and take the tour and hang out for a visit. We're inviting all our close neighbors, because they've tolerated a lot of ugly for a couple years now; I'm sure some of them are curious about the changes we've made to the house.

So, if any of you regular followers live close enough to Portand, OR and want to come, write me and I'll send you more of the details. I don't really want to post our address and contact info here on the blog. You can email me through my blogger profile. We'd enjoy meeting some of you.


  1. Well I certainly wish I lived close, that sounds like fun! Happy birthday to your house, ours is 75 years this year. Awe, I just realized that is kind of a milestone for this ole Russet Street house.

  2. Ours turns 100 next year and I hope to have an open house as well! I think we are having people over that night for dinner but I would love to stop by and see it finished!!! What a lovely word-finished :) Congrats! It's gorgeous!

  3. That's great! Happy Birthday to your house! We're planning on doing something similar when our home turns 150 years old (in 2020). That is still a little ways away, but it will give us time to hopefully do more renovations/restoring and historical research on our home before then. We want to have a lot of Before and After pictures hanging in each room that we've worked on by then.