Thursday, November 15, 2012

Almost Done

I've been busy this week. I finished staining the upstairs hallway today. The doors and drawers for the linen cabinet are also stained and drying in the garage.
That painted door is the very last one and will probably go in for dipping when we have the floors refinished—or I'll strip it myself if I'm not too busy with getting ready to move back upstairs.

The entryway is shellacked and finished. I finally got to pull up the floor masking today.

The fireplace is finished and the paint is touched up. If Mia ever chews on the fireplace again, she will probably find she has lost her cage spot in the living room.

Just a couple coats of shellac on the upstairs hallway and linen cabinet and we'll be ready for the painters on Monday.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, the naughty bird child escaped her cage and had fun chewing up the trim boards. We were NOT happy with her.

  2. Do you have any close up pictures of the end result? Can you tell me what products and what procedure you used to stain everything? One day, if I ever get to the "put things back together" phase of this house, I will get to that stage of staining everything after I strip it all.

    1. Nina, I can add some close-up photos tomorrow and when I stain the last couple of doors I put together some process photos.