Sunday, November 4, 2012

Busy Weekend

Now that we've got folks hired to come in behind our project, we're compelled to keep moving.

Yesterday morning I gathered the last of the douglas fir moldings for finishing the entryway and replacing the picture molding in the upstairs hallway. At CDR's recommendation, I decided to stain the wood before installing it, so I spent a couple hours sanding the pieces and I'll stain them in a couple of days after I finish the interior woodwork.

Today I stained the two stairway windows. I hate this Mohawk Wiping Wood Stain. It's awful. It's way too drippy and it doesn't stir up well so it's hard to get a consistent color from one session to the next. I think we must have gotten an old can or something.

I am thinking about buying a new can—I don't want to because it's something like $27 a quart at our local suppliers—but we're not going to get a second chance at getting this staining project right. So I'll probably just suck it up and get a new can and see if it works better.

Today, Jeff mostly finished installing the support boards in the shelf-side of his closet. We need some larger finishing nails to better secure the pieces, then I'll be able to shellac them.

And now this evening Jeff is working on installing the hinges on the new linen cabinet doors. We need to get this upstairs woodwork stained and shellacked so the painters can come in soon.

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