Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finish Trimwork

There are lots of pictures to post today. We "rented" Nathan from Craftsman Design & Renovation for a day and a half of carpentry help.

He helped us install crown moulding in our entryway. It wasn't installed quite as we were hoping because the picture rail would have had to be tipped too much to make it work. I think the rest of the rooms must have had the wood installed, then been plastered, then had the cove moulding and picture rail installed. The materials we had wouldn't have worked without digging into the plaster. So, we installed the picture rail with a small gap between it and the 1x6. It will have to do.
I've finished staining it, but I still have to shellac it.

Nathan also helped us install picture rail in the hallway/stairway. I had pre-stained the pieces so I wouldn't have to shimmy my way up the ladder to finish it, but, unfortunately, I was a piece short. I ran over to McCoy Millworks this morning and Nathan cut the last piece for us. I'll finish it at ground level and Jeff can crawl up the ladder and nail it in place in a couple days.
Nathan installed new boards on the fireplace to replace those damaged by Mia's adventure. We sacrificed some of the salvaged baseboard we stripped for the closet built-ins. It's old growth and has nice grain and is actually prettier than the piece that was there. I stained and shellacked it yesterday afternoon and this morning, though I still need to do some paint touch-up—again. Sigh.
And, finally, Nathan helped us with our shattered fir on the linen cabinet. It was really beyond repair. Our best option was to cut out the broken part and replace with another piece of wood. (Another scrap I stripped the paint off of.) Now that this piece is fixed, I can finish staining the linen cabinet.
I've got five days to finish all these staining and shellacking projects before the painters come next Monday!


  1. You are a busy little bee! It looks so, so, so good though. Have you decided what colors to paint the walls?

  2. I have a 5-gallon tub of Hubbard Squash so that's what we'll be using! =)

    The ceilings and the frieze above the picture rail are going to be White Hyacinth like the rest of the house.

  3. gotta love the hubbard squash! : ) also, i just want to say i am relieved to see that fireplace mantle repaired already. that honestly made me ill. the horrors! : ) no but seriously! and a much better use of a nice piece of wood than a closet baseboard. i hate to think what i would have done to my cat finding that. it wouldn't have been nice. keep up the good work! i want to be like you when i grow up.