Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quiet Days at Home

I've spent yesterday and today catching up domestic tasks back at the Cupertino house. Did some housework, laundry and dishes; boring to write about, boring to read about. I've also goofed off a bit online.

Yesterday, I splurged and bought myself a new earring rack made out of purpleheart wood. The earring rack that Jeff and I share has gotten very crowded with all his earrings, so I went ahead and bought a new one for myself. They don't have a picture of the particular style I bought, but it was like this one, only in purpleheart wood and with one more rung in the height. The maker is Ginny's Ear Nest. We originally bought the earlier rack at Portland's Saturday Market and have been happy with it, so I decided to get another that matched.

I probably should be working on packing. I'm trying to talk myself into starting in on my sewing room. That's one room that I can move over as soon as we get the hardwood floor cleaned up. Jeff pulled down some of the boxes we kept from the last move and they are the specially-sized boxes I bought to fit my folded fabric so I don't have to unfold the piles; I can just put two piles side-by-side in the same box.

Shasta is settling into our routine quite well. She's a pretty good girl, but still definitely a puppy. She has so much energy. She is quite the tow vehicle when I wrap her leash around me to slow her down on our walks. =)

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