Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today's Adventure

Today we went and bummed around Redwood City visiting shops and parks including a visit to our soon-to-be-rental house. We had a busy day!

I actually put together a schedule and map, for fun.

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We actually started off by going to a Heritage Tomato Plant Sale in Cupertino. We bought four tomato plants that we plan to get into the ground in Redwood City in a couple of weeks, as soon as we have a day to go work on cleaning out the backyard. The weeds there are pretty tall.

Then we headed off to the Farmers Market in Redwood City. We had been hoping to pick up some breakfast, but it was pretty small and they didn't have any vendors that sold ready-to-eat food. So we bought a few vegetables, but no fruit, because it would have been sitting around in the hot vehicle all day, then dropped in at a bakery nearby and grabbed a small bite to eat.

Next we headed off to Stuart Floors and then two different paint stores, Sherwin Williams and Kelly Moore. I wanted to pick up brochures for the different brands of flooring and the paint samples for historic lines of paint colors. I'm trying to decide on what paint colors to use for the different rooms. Also, if this were my house, I would surely use the genuine linoleum on the floors we're replacing, but the maintenance sounds quite fiddly (they require special cleaners), which isn't suited to a rental. Oh well. We'll have to settle for something less period and more durable for a variety of renters. Here are the samples we're thinking about for the kitchen.
Unfortunately, it's not very easy to show the paint colors we're likely to go with. Oh well.

We dropped in at a pet store and Shasta picked out a toy she wanted. This is the first time in three visits that she picked up something so we bought it for her. It's not what I would pick, but hey whatever my spoiled child wants. =) Here she is riding in the truck with it.

Then it was time for lunch. We had planned to go to a pizza place right by the house on Upton Street, but it didn't appear to be open; we couldn't tell if they were out of business or if they were just only open for dinner. So we drove around and found a Noah's Bagels instead. Jeff grabbed a couple of bagel sandwiches and we went back to the house and ate them. Jeff and Shasta baby sacked out while I spent a while playing with my paint samples and linoleum brochures to try and choose some likely candidates.

We also visited the most amazing park in Redwood City, Stulsaft Park. It's a 42-acre park with hiking trails. It reminded me just how out of shape I am! It's a good thing I now have my Puppy Exercise Plan. =) Anyway, we hiked for a mile or two and were really amazed about this park just sort of snuck off the road in the city. I think we'll be spending a lot of time here, walking the dog.

We had a lovely day today and I look forward to more adventure days coming up. Tomorrow we plan to go by the house again and pull the carpet from the 2nd bedroom.


  1. Looks like you're getting to know the neighborhood slowly, rather than the crash course I ended up with. What a beautiful park! It reminds me a bit of the park I lived next to when I was in high school.