Friday, May 22, 2009

Exterior Painting Nearly Finished

Jeff and I finally made it out to Redwood City tonight. Here is a picture of the house, which is nearly done (looks like some of the green needs one more coat of paint). I wanted to use a darker green, but the painter told my Aunt it would make the house look small, so she chose the lighter green. I'm hoping that Jeff and I will be able to add some dark green to the roof line. Anyway, here is the picture.
I mostly packed my sewing room today. We're making progress on getting ready for the movers on Tuesday. We're going to have two crunch days this weekend getting ready and then we'll have to go out to Redwood City again to clear the construction debris from the house so we can move in.

The last few tasks inside the house have mostly gotten done this week. Our contractor friend Brian went out this week and trimmed out the kitchen at the floor line. And, surprisingly, the painters also came in and painted this stuff up. That's pretty nice, as I was expecting we were going to have to finish these tasks up.

Brian added unfinished birch around the bottom of the cabinets. Jeff and I still need to finish the trimwork with a clearcoat to match the rest of the cabinetry.

Also got a picture of the dry rot/termite repair. It looks decent for the price we paid for the repair, though I'm somewhat disappointed with the way the new siding ties into the old. There is a pretty bad seam.

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