Friday, May 1, 2009

Unpacked My First Boxes in RWC

I brought over a truckload of boxes I packed yesterday when I went to Redwood City this morning. It was entirely stuff from my sewing room; cotton and wool fabrics mostly. It was exciting to unpack my first boxes! My fabric shelves are mostly set up in Redwood City now and I can turn my attention to the next area.

I brought back the boxes and plastic tubs and now I'm trying to talk myself into refilling them again. I have to keep moving...

I went to the storage place today and tried to get that paperwork all taken care of. Unfortunately, they have a policy of requiring you show proof that your contents are insured and they didn't bother to tell me when they called to confirm my reservation. So, when I couldn't produce my insurance info. (I have renter's insurance) the storage place tried to charge me for their insurance. I refused to pay another $8/month for a lousy $2,000 of insurance so I simply left and told them I would return with the proper paperwork. I'm fairly ticked they didn't mention this policy when they called. If they don't take my insurance document, then I'll just go to another storage place. There are tons of them in the area.

Brian (our woodworker/handyman) has been working since Wednesday. He has gotten the drywall patched in the master bedroom and also all the cracks throughout the house. He has put on the mud and now we're waiting for it to dry. He's also started installing the window and baseboard trim. Even though I bought a bit extra of the 12' 1x4s, we are running short because there was some issues getting it installed around the doors (the sheetrock wasn't quite flush with the door frame). And since we have to buy more, I'm also going to have Brian install the baseboard in the living room which I hadn't realized didn't have it.

I'll try and remember the camera tomorrow so we can take pictures.

I'm trying a new "game" with Shasta today. I took all of her toys and put them in a plastic storage tub and put it on the floor. She's very cute and like a little kid and just takes toy after toy out of the box until almost all of them have been removed. Once she's done and starts to get bored, I go over and pick all the toys up and put them back in the box and this starts her process over. It's pretty cute.

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