Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ran Out of Steam

School has started and I seem to have run out of steam on my recreational reading binge. It was a good run. I think I read a total of 11 full books in about two weeks and also about 50% of two additional books I decided not to finish simply because I wasn't enjoying them. I was reading Birdsong this week, but I just couldn't get into it, despite trying. The beginning of the book starts out much like those cheap romances and then abruptly drops you six years later into trench warfare in World War I. I just wasn't up to finishing, especially with the pile of textbooks staring at me. =) I do plan to continue to work through my reading list, just more slowly. I hope to read an average of one book a week through the end of the year.

My PE class has been going well. I'm feeling sore all over, which means it's working! And I'm also making an effort to eat healthier food, which is difficult for me. I'm starting with salads and fruit and trying to lay off the soda and junk food. This morning Shasta and I went for a two-mile walk through the neighborhood and we'll take another walk tonight. As a minimum, I'm trying to get at least 6,000 steps every single day.

This is the first time I've attended a college on the semester system, so the 18 weeks is probably going to feel like it's taking forever! Quarters finish up in 12 weeks, so I'm used to a rather speedier pace. We're now starting week 2 and none of my classes have really even gotten past the intro. Many of the books aren't even in the bookstore yet (I have mine because I ordered them from Amazon a week before classes). It's tempting to skip class tonight since I know the teacher is just going to talk about interesting stuff that has nothing to do with the class...but I will no doubt go. I just can't bring myself to miss class, except for emergencies.

Now that my leg is feeling better, I think it's time to cut out quilt pieces for my next project. I need to decide which one to work on first, probably the quilt for the living room which coordinates with the rug in there.

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