Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Master Bedroom Closet

My brother Jeffrey came today to help us redo our master bedroom closet. I'm so excited! When I moved to Redwood City, I went from having 16 feet of closet in the master bedroom to having four, and now I have 6. This isn't a lot more, but it makes a difference. =)

I didn't actually take a "before" picture; oh well. Here is Jeffrey taking out the original closet.

Since the closet is more than three feet deep, we actually built the shelving 22" deep and brought the rods forward. This gives us some good storage space behind the clothes, instead of wasted in front of them.

I still have to paint it, which is sort of a shame because we used good quality maple plywood, but everything else in the room is painted. Painting is a project for another day, however, because we need time to patch it, prime it and then paint it. I don't have enough hours before bedtime today to get in that many coats and I needed to get the clothing off the bed.

There is actually one more really fun thing that my brother Jeffrey is going to do for us. He pulled out this shelving from the original closet, which actually appeared to be good quality wood from the 1950's, when they built this room onto the house.

Jeffrey is going to recycle it into a wood coat rack for my living room, that looks sort of like this:

I had already purchased the coat hooks and figured we would have to buy wood. If we can recycle this used wood, that will make the rack that much more special.

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  1. You've been busy! The fractal quilt is fun to look at, even if I don't understand what it means. The colors are great! Congrats to Shasta on passing her class! Woo-hoo! I mean, "Woof-woof!" Nice closet--and what a nice brother to do that for you. The curtains turned out nicely, too. Take care!