Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Shasta!

Shasta had her one-year birthday yesterday! Yeah. Other than the grooming, she had a good day. She got to go to the dog park in the morning with me and then Jeff took her to a play date with another Australian Shepherd, Joey, who we met at the dog park. And then last night we let her sleep on our bed. We had expected she would wiggle or move about and then we would have thrown her off, but she slept straight through the night and was still on the bed this morning.
I'm planning on a productive day today. I'm going to plan out the pieces for my brother's quilt and start cutting strips. I'm going to cut strips today so that I can then cut them down into pieces while we're watching movies. Standing around cutting pieces all day is pretty boring, so anything I can do to make it more fun is a feature.

I'm on my third week of school and I cannot believe how slowly these classes are going. The pace certainly wasn't helped by the bookstore not having the books at the beginning of the semester; luckily I bought my copies from Amazon before the term so I've had them all along. But even so, I'm not impressed with how slowly we're moving along; I'm definitely used to quarters. I've already turned in two extra credit assignments in Legal Research & Writing and I'm working on the third; I'm reading A Civil Action and I'll be writing a short report on it. I doubt I'll need the extra credit for a good grade, but I figure the more work I do, the more I learn, and the better prepared I'll be for any position I find.

On Friday, I'm meeting with someone from the department to apply for an internship. I'm hoping to be considered for one of the positions, but there's probably a fair amount of competition.

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