Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Week, So Far

Yesterday was a productive day for me. Despite feeling a bit ill, I managed to do about four hours of housework. Unfortunately, the house is still such a mess you can barely tell... The master bedroom does look much better, though.

I did manage one project yesterday I'm pleased about finishing; the painters had neglected to paint the pegboard wall in the kitchen behind the stove. I don't know how they missed it, but maybe they decided we didn't want it painted because it was pegboard; I don't know. But it was already painted and the paint had large faded areas and it looked terrible. Yesterday, I finally rounded up the tools and the matching kitchen paint and got it painted. It looks much better and now Jeff can hang up some of the kitchen utensils he uses the most.

Here it is all loaded up.

Our hot weather has finally broken, for now. It is blissfully cool today.

Yesterday, Shasta was supposed to start her next dog obedience class. Unfortunately, the Mountain View AKC Club cancelled the class we expected her to take. I guess we'll keep watching and see when they offer the class again.

Today I have spent my morning working on school work. One of my assignments in Legal Research and Writing is to read lots of published materials and find spelling and grammar errors. Since I spend a lot of time reading news and blogs anyway, this assignment is easy. I've already found 4 errors today and I'll probably have quite a few noted by the end of the week. I also wrote up another extra credit paper on the movie "The Rainmaker," another good legal movie. I don't know if I'm learning much, but these classes are pretty enjoyable.

I also spent quite a while coming up with a pleading paper template in Apple's Pages application. (I'm too cheap to go buy a copy of Word when I've already got Pages which seems to work pretty well for everything I've needed to do so far.) It was a bit of a challenge getting the numbers to display down the left side of the page, but I think I finally got it right.

In my time surfing today I found these fun Economic Funnies at Economicrot; here are my favorites:

I finally heard back about the unpaid internship today (after calling and emailing a couple of times). They claimed they've been very busy; too busy to get back to me. So now I'm going in next week to meet them and do testing. I presume they're going to test my spelling and, perhaps, my typing. I guess we'll see.

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