Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Think I'm Ready... turn our house into a construction zone. I guess we need to start packing again. =)

It's not like we've really gotten settled; and I'm tired of this boxes-piled-all-around phase we're in. This will be interesting as we go through stuff and decide what is going to be packed and put into off-site storage. The hardest part, though, is going to be packing up my sewing room again. I really don't want to—but I think that's the bedroom where we'll need to sleep during the remodel. The current master bedroom is going to be a construction zone as we convert the adjacent sleeping porch into a bathroom.

We met with our architect and designer on Tuesday and they gave us some preliminary dollar amounts and it wasn't good. Looks like with our current plan we are about $100K over budget. So, now we're trying to decide if we proceed as is, or if we shave off parts of the job. I think we'll end up taking off the basement alterations (we were planning to add doors and redo the bathroom down there) and maybe raise the budget some.

We've also been brainstorming about what parts we can do ourselves. Currently, our home remodeling skills are pretty meager. Though, we're pretty motivated and reasonably smart. We could probably learn stuff. I am thinking we can do much of the demolition of the upstairs sleeping porch and kitchen.

And we'll probably end up doing most of the woodwork paint removal. We may call someone in to do the hard parts—like the box beam ceiling—but I think we're going to make a try at doing the woodwork restoration project ourselves.

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