Sunday, December 12, 2010

Latest Kitchen Plan

I spent a couple hours clicking through all 1200+ pages of the Sears catalog. I ended up copying about 63 pages for use when we go remodel shopping this week.

Now that I have time to do something besides study — I'm getting more excited about our remodel! We got the latest kitchen plan from our designer this afternoon, and I'm going through reviewing it. Hopefully our meeting on Tuesday will mostly finalize the overall design, then we have to get down to the specific specs (the picking stuff part).
Ignore those big round lights. They just look wrong. We're getting something much flatter to the ceiling.Looking towards the sink from further back. Shows the view of the side of the refrigerator that we've turned into a shallow cabinet for spice/canning jar storage and the small, inconvenient jog in the wall behind the refrigerator.

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