Monday, September 24, 2012

Insulating the Garage

Before we fill up the garage with stuff again, Jeff said he wanted to insulate the attic first. We don't want to put up a ceiling because we want to be able to easily access the attic space for storage. So, we decided to try insulating up in the rafters instead.
Jeff bought the rigid insulation the guy at Knez Building Materials recommended then crawled around in the trusses and measured the gap between each of them. Then we spent a couple hours slicing it up into pieces that were supposed to fit between the trusses.
I thought it would be a quick little project—and take maybe an afternoon or two. The reality has proved otherwise.
Monkey Jeff crawling around in the trusses
Jeff has already spent quite a few nail biting hours crawling around in the trusses. (I'm the one doing the nail biting, not him.) And despite his hours up there, he's only managed to stuff insulation into about seven of the 20 bays between the trusses.
At this rate, it will probably take him the rest of the week to finish this project. Poor guy.

Though, this afternoon, I did go buy some heavy duty plywood to insert in the floor of trusses. I'm hoping it will increase Jeff's speed and reduce my worry about him falling.


  1. How did the project turn out? Did it help with the temperature?

    1. Insulating the garage very much helped during the summer; it brought down the temperature more than 10 degrees in the attic area. But, it also insulates during the winter, isn't necessarily a good thing on the few warmish days we get. It's been too cold to work out there this winter, despite our desire to finish a few projects. Ultimately, we probably need to insulate the walls too and plug in a heater for winter use.

  2. Is there a pic of it finished.

    1. Yes, in the next garage post: