Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Garage Guttered

Jeff and I looked into putting up gutters ourselves, but when I realized we had no way to haul around a 21+ foot long gutter without damaging it, I decided to just get a quote from the company that did gutters for our house.

It was about twice as expensive as just buying the materials ourselves and installing them, but I just ended up hiring it out—so it's done now. I can now get the final inspection done and get this project closed out as far as the City is concerned.
Forest green gutters with white downspout
So, the garage is now nearly done. Jeff is working on installing drain pipes to redirect the water to the rain garden. We put a rain chain on the back of the garage and we're planning to add a rain barrel this winter.
It's really hard to take photos because there's all these trees in the way.


  1. Your garage looks great! Congrats on all the progress!

  2. Awesome! Love the rain chain. I want to get one eventually when I do copper gutters.

    I just recently took down, painted, and reinstalled a 30 ft long gutter by myself... good times.

    Sometimes I feel like an Egyptian, having to come up with ways to do things by myself. Setting up scaffolding is the best. I have to use ropes and use something as a fulcrum to pull things up.

  3. Hello, I read your comment at my blog, Portland Oregon Daily Photo, and am totally heartsick at the thought of that gorgeous kitchen being gone. The day of the tour all the owner could talk about was getting the stove back in its proper place to complete the kitchen. Heartsick.