Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bye Bye Trees

Today was the big day. Two trees came down and our huge walnut tree was trimmed back.
Shasta had her last opportunity to jump into the majestic old cherry tree. She and the squirrels are really going to miss it. I'm sad it had to come down, but it was just too dead to leave it in place. Those huge, dead branches would have eventually come down and it's better to pick the time and place.
In the end, the huge old cherry tree was reduced to a large stack of wood and pile of mulch.
The birch tree in the side yard also came down. It was trapped between the fence and wall and we were concerned it would come down on the houses in a wind storm. Well, really the neighbors were worried it would come down on their house and we obliged them by removing it. They're splitting the expense with us. I forgot to take a picture of it when it still had the branches. It was a pretty tree.
Another stack of wood. So sad.
We're having the cherry tree stump ground out on Friday. We'll try and get the backyard finished enough that we can plant a new tree in its place this fall.

On the bright side (pun intended), it really opened up the backyard and there is sun back there now. We might actually be able to grow some vegetables back there this summer.


  1. How great to get some sun back! We had some large trees removed from my MIL's yard and it does make the house a lot hotter, too, good in winter but not so much in summer.

  2. I'd like to re-level our back yard and/or create a drainage ditch along the back fence to take water to the NW corner of the yard, which is street-side and would feed the water to the sidewalk and gutters rather than into our neighbor's back yard...which he gets grumpy about when the kids want to play in the sprinklers.

    1. Check your city codes. Here (PDX) you aren't allowed to direct water to the gutters. We use rain gardens to let the water infiltrate on site.