Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shopping Binge

It seems like all I've been doing this month is shopping, and selling stuff. I guess it's been about 3 years since my last shopping binge, so I was sort of due.

I just ordered a McCullough steam cleaner. This steam cleaner is sold by a ton of online merchants (Amazon, Home Depot, Harbor Freight) so there are a TON of reviews for it and they are generally good. I'm hoping to use it to clean up our upholstery and hopefully I'll be happy with this fabric again. I really hope it works, because the upholstery fabrics available this year are AWFUL. (If your tastes run toward mid-century modern, it's a good year to go shopping for fabrics and furniture.)

I had been planning on renting or borrowing a steam cleaner, but finally it occurred to me the dogs and mud are not going away. And the cleaner can be used to clean lots of stuff, like carpet stains, bathrooms, BBQ grills....

I also spent HOURS trying to find a damn tiny wood molding to repair our morris chair. I called our local stores and they didn't carry it so I was forced to resort to the internet. We needed half round beading (but it took me a while to figure out what it was called).
Rockler carries it, but charges $19/piece for shipping! Ouch. And, no, the stores didn't carry it and couldn't order it. I finally found it at Architectural Depot. (Thank you google images.) The molding is cheap, it's the shipping that makes it silly expensive.
This was a bad year to find tiny appliques to repair this chair. I finally settled on this small applique for the front side of the leg where the original applique broke off. This isn't a great option, but it will do for now. We will perhaps find something more appropriate later, but it will be better than the damaged look the chair is sporting now.

I've also ordered the spring units and batting for the seat cushion, so I should be able to start making that next week. I'm actually getting a little excited about FINALLY being able to enjoy this cool piece of furniture.

I already told you about the new rug. It should arrive any day now. But I've also been poking around for a coordinating rug for the dining room. At the moment, we're thinking Persian Carpet's Oak Park is the best match. The colors are similar, without being too matchy-matchy. Here they are side-by-side.
It's not in the budget yet, I have a LOT more stuff to sell, but I'll be keeping an eye out for a sale/markdown at Persian Carpet.

Anyway, I'm sick of shopping. I guess I should go work on our taxes, so I can get sick of that next.


  1. I cannot imagine buying such a thing. I feel the same way about vacuum cleaners. Too noisy. I have a rug beater, purchased from an Amish store.

    1. Haha. I also bought 3 vacuum cleaners last month. One for each floor. With having to vacuum almost daily because of the dogs, we got tired of schlepping our old vacuum up and down stairs. When it broke, I bought 3.

  2. I've been considering a steam cleaner so I'll wait for your review before I click buy.

    Love love love the chair.

    1. I'll be sure and let you guys know if I'm happy with it. I love the chair too, and now I'm starting to get excited about being able to use it soon.