Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rug Shuffle

Jeff and I finally managed to shuffle the rugs in the living room. I love the new rug!
The smaller rug was moved into the library area.
We're still working on putting the rooms back together, but I got the wall painted and the wood stained.
Oh, and the tile we glazed is all ready for installation.


  1. Gorgeous! I agree that the colors and patterns are an excellent fit in that room!
    And thanks for info on curtain rods(last post). I checked out listings, but without the rod for the end brackets, I was nervous that I would be able to use them or find rods elsewhere with same threads. Still contemplating...
    Have you done any research on outdoor/porch /front landscape in craftsman style? I am turning my attention to my 1900 vernacular craftsman farmhouse front as we finally have beautiful weather here in Ohio.

    1. You can just buy metal rod from Home Depot and spray paint it brass color. Or, better, buy brass rodding. Here is one source: There are plenty others to be found with a google search.

      I haven't done enough research on the front landscape yet. There are a few books that are relevant. I'll look around and see if I can find some of them. I think I have some of them pinned, but it might just be books I have downloaded. (I can't remember.)