Thursday, September 1, 2016

Removed Another Tree

Aaron, with some help from Jeff, removed one of the maple trees that was next to the building at the property line last week. There were two maple trees really close together, and Jeff decided he wanted to take one of them out. He thinks the remaining smaller tree will fill in.
We're going to get some blueberry shrubs. We're trying to decide if we have enough sun for fruit trees. And we're trying to decide what to plant on the pergola. I really wanted to plant grapes, but they're poisonous for dogs, so it's not going to happen. We're also considering kiwis, but I'm not sure if we'll eat them. We might try a thornless blackberry.

Now this looks really fun! We're thinking about trying to build some sort of temporary trellis to lean against the pergola so we could train the squash plant up to the top of the pergola.
Here is a bit of a progression of the yard this year. We have more stuff we plan to do in the backyard, but we're happy with the work we got done this year.

Backyard a Couple Weeks Ago Aug 2016
Backyard this Spring Jun 2016
The Mint in the Lower Backyard Jun 2016
The Mess Behind the Garage Feb 2016
Backyard After the Remodel and Garage Rebuild 2013


  1. You've been busy. I love the trellis with the hanging squash. They look like ornaments. I had thought about planting kiwis but where I have room there is no sun.

    1. Sadly, we are not working very hard right now. LOL
      We've fallen back into goof off mode. I am trying to get back at it so we can get projects done before this winter.