Monday, November 20, 2017

2017 Project Review

I originally started drafting my project task list in 2016 after the last post in Dec 2015. Haha, I guess I never got back to it. I figured I may as well revisit it now as we come on the end of 2017.
  1. Finish master bathroom remodel
  2. Finish sewing room curtains
  3. Modify front porch  & install hybrid charging station
  4. Clean bricks and install "floor" under pergola
  5. Install backyard path
  6. Build chicken coop
  7. Front door leaded glass pattern
  8. Stencil the basement bathroom
  9. Buy that rug I've been lusting over for the living room
  10. Stencil the living room frieze
  11. Stencil the dining room frieze
  12. Reupholster that morris chair
And these things really should have been on the list...
  1. Fix the living room wall and woodwork
  2. Master bedroom cubes
  3. French drain
As I look out to 2018, I don't see a lot of house projects getting done unless we decide to sell the house, but there are a few I'm going to leave on the To Do List:
  1. Finish sewing room curtains
  2. Finish master bedroom closet cubes
  3. Repair the garden shed broken windows
  4. Paint the garden shed exterior
  5. Finish the interior of the shed with a chicken apartment

I have several rooms I still want to stencil, but we'll see if I get in the mood to do it. It's a lot of work. I'll be relegating those tasks to the Wouldn't it Be Nice List (the list I admit I probably won't get to, but I want to keep track of them):
  1. Stencil the living room frieze
  2. Stencil the dining room frieze
  3. Stencil the basement bathroom
  4. Make the leaded glass for the front door
  5. Install the hybrid charging station
I've turned into a big flake about working on the house. Who knows when we'll get to any of these tasks, but I enjoy living vicariously through all the blogs I follow.

For anyone who has gotten this far in the post, please have a nice Thanksgiving. We'll be spending time with friends over the holiday.

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