Friday, September 13, 2019


Sigh. Another ugly Portland installation. The city doesn't even notify you it's going to happen; they just show up and put it in.
I'm definitely going to plant a vine on it next spring.

I also wanted to remove the massive black walnut tree between the houses in the side yard. It is way too big for the location and tends to drop branches on the roof, but apparently, Portland won't let owners remove trees on their private property once they are more than 20" across. So we are stuck dealing with his huge tree and paying $1500 pruning bills every five years or so.


  1. What?! That's insane! I have never understood how folks can tell you what you can do on your own property. So sorry you are dealing with this. A vine is a great idea!

  2. As a Philadelphian, I can't imagine what it must be like to live in a place that has laws and enforces them.

  3. I had this very smae thing happen to my yard so I planted a vine to go around that ugly plastic yellow cable protector. Blaugh!