Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Planting Started

After four days of rain and thunderstorms, today the weather was pleasantly cloudy and dry. It was still too damp to resume painting the shed, but it did give Jeff and Aaron a chance to resume work on the Hidden Garden. They finished setting the stepping stones in sand. It's a pretty informal path as we just used whatever pavers/stones we had leftover in piles.

They also put in the pad for the bench. We had this chunk of urbanite hanging out in the driveway and it proved to be the perfect size for the bench.
We have realized we're going to have to paint the bench a darker color because there are always little muddy footprints on the white stain. Bailey is quite the little jumper.

Then they finished amending the soil with many bags of cow manure and double-digging most of the planting beds. Jeff also dug in the crimson clover so it would serve as green manure.

We managed to get the most critical plants in the ground (i.e. bareroot bulbs), but it was a long day and we were tired so we called it quits before all the plants made it into the ground. Hopefully, the weather will still be nice enough tomorrow to finish.
I had worried I'd oversubscribed the space with plants, but once we laid them out on the ground, there is an awful lot of empty space.


  1. They'll grow in to fill the space!

    Grateful for the rain you got, I know we could use some.

    Why not paint her paw prints right on the bench? That would bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. What a wonderful idea about the paw prints. I'll definitely consider that option. :)

  2. It's already looking quite wonderful.