Sunday, February 23, 2020

Planting Bed Surprise

Our beautiful weather last week tempted us to our local nurseries. I've been eager to finish planting the bed under the black walnut.
Most of these plants from Xera Plants are for the planting bed beneath the black walnut.
Portland Nursery had these for $2.50 so we bought some to spread around the yard.
I tried to plant them on Saturday and had an unexpected surprise when I started digging down into the soil. About four inches down I hit something hard. I was surprised to find cement that had been buried under the soil. Obviously, Jeff and Aaron hadn't double dug this area last year or it would have already been found and removed.
These concrete chunks are really thick. I assume they were put in place to make the driveway wider, but we almost never pull into the driveway beyond the porte cochère and I'd rather have the space for plants.

This bed is going to need a little more work before we can get the plants in the ground.


  1. That sounds like a good deal on those sweet plants. Happy planting!


  3. The video I sent you has lists of plants that are and are not happy with black walnuts.