Friday, October 9, 2020

Hardware Sift

Our garage organization project continues. Today, my Harbor Freight parts storage boxes finally came. I wasn't too happy with Harbor Freight as I had to order them a second time and pay shipping twice, but I did finally manage to get them.

I spent several hours today sifting through the large crate of misc hardware and fasteners I set aside during my garage cleanup. This should make it much easier to find things for future projects,. I've got four more bins that I haven't opened yet, so we have some room to grow.
Now that we have all these bins, I'd like to build a storage case for it. So, now we have yet one more project we need to add to our garage project queue. Or, technically two, because I would also like to build a workbench that will house the storage boxes. These are a couple of possible designs I'm thinking about.
This design is adapted from the Ultimate DIY Workbench at the Popular Mechanics website. I adapted the bottom shelf to lower it a bit and make it wider. I'd also like to add at least one vise which I didn't add to the Sketchup file.
This workbench is a Sketchup file I found based on this workbench at Instructables. I had to lower the shelf a bit to make room for the bins.

I'm still waiting on a couple of library books on how to make workbenches before I decide on the final plan.


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    1. It feels good to get all this sifting done. I'm glad I finally motivated myself to tackle the garage.