Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Front Porch Repair

The front knee brace and our front porch have some dry rot issues. Since we have the proceeds from selling the Prineville house, we decided it was finally time to deal with some lingering issues with this house. Unfortunately, our skills are not up to dealing with these projects so I have been looking around for a contractor who could help us.

For the porch, I was hoping we could just replace wood in the affected areas, but nobody wants to touch it because of the age and likelihood of lead paint. It turns out it's easier to find someone to rip it out and replace the whole thing than it is to just repair it. 

This rotten wood is going to be repaired.
Today we hired Jeff Inskeep from Hand Made Home to repair the rotted knee brace/barge board and to replace the front porch. He's going to install and finish meranti decking.

He is supposed to start the work on February 1 so we shall report how it goes. If this job goes well, we may hire him to do more work.

This is our rotten front porch.


  1. Glad you were able to find someone who knows and believes in repair and restoration. It can be tough to find contractors who don't just want to tear everything out and slap in New (often substandard) materials. That's a big challenge homeowners in our historic district face.

    1. Yea, I work hard to find someone who loves historic homes like we do.

  2. There was a place called Vintage Woodworks (I think)

    This was their house and business. Looks REALLY good. No idea if they are still around. But you are good at research.