Monday, May 17, 2021

Trying to Purge

Jeff told me I could get a long arm quilting machine if I found a spot for it so I have ramped up my basement sifting and purging efforts. 

I had the idea if I could get rid of four racks in the front storage area, we could move our workout area into this space and then I could use the back half of the family room for the long arm machine.

I've been making steady progress sifting and unloading tubs filled with sewing gear and costumes now that my closet is finished. With an hour or two of box shuffling and empty box flattening, we could nearly empty the four racks, but I am still spending my time trying to sift boxes we moved upstairs. My goal is to get the bedrooms all cleaned up again. It would be nice to be ready for guests now that the world is opening up again.

I was astonished to find I had 4 tubs/boxes of fabric scraps! I cannot believe how many times I've moved them. They will not be moving again. I had planned to just bag them up and recycle them, but then I was thinking it be worthwhile to cut up the wool scraps into squares so I could make rag quilts from them. But then as I started going through the fabrics, I started cutting up all the scraps. I've already spent three days on the project. So, I'll still have one bin of scraps, but they'll be packed much more efficiently. (I inherited the hoarder gene from both sides of my family tree.) 

Once I'm finished, the remaining bits of fabric will be turned over to a textile recycler.

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