Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Basement Progress

There's been quite a bit of progress on the basement project since the last time I posted. Everything is framed up and the flooring has been installed, but it is currently covered up to protect it for the drywall install. Here is how it looked last week before they covered it up. We ended up choosing Lifeproof Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring in the Georgia Clay color; it is basically a waterproof plastic flooring that looks like wood and it should be able to survive if we have some water infiltration again.

Tim and Tony took off last Friday while they waited for the electricians then they all returned to the job on Monday morning. The electricians have been here all week and I think they're nearly finished. We decided to get a new electrical panel installed because our older panels are really quite full. It was installed in our front storage area and will provide service for all the new electrical in the basement. They also put in a new charging unit for Jeff's plug-in hybrid vehicle.

This week, Tim installed the family room wainscoting so it would be easier to locate the power boxes in the middle of the panels. We're just using douglas fir plywood for wainscoting because it was relatively affordable (compared to lumber). This is the only room that will have wainscoting; the rest of the basement will be finished with drywall.

It's exciting, this room is going to be so nice.

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