Monday, January 1, 2024

Basement Storage Painted

I guess I never posted photos of the mostly-finished basement storage area. Tim finished it last week. We had him use the Hubbard Squash-colored paint leftover from our project in the rest of the basement. It looks very yellow, but I'm sure it will look fine once we move back in. The lights were also leftover as I'd purchased them for another project and they hadn't gotten used.

Tim also laid down Rubber Stall Mats on the floor. They were much more affordable than products marketed as gym mats. I don't know exactly what brand he purchased, but they are similar to this product.

Jeff and I are now trying to decide if we'll do any more work in the space before we move back in. We have some tongue & groove boards leftover from the re-roofing project and we are considering installing them on that wall. I think it would help the space look more tidy once everything is back.

Jeff goes back to work tomorrow so it will probably be a while before we make any progress on this, though, I don't want to wait too long because I don't want to keep paying for storage.


  1. How big is that space? Our basement remains unfinished and is mostly John's workshop with some space for me to dye and lots of storage.

    1. It's roughly 9½' by 24'. It runs the length of the basement.