Wednesday, January 3, 2024

New Media Console

We bought a new-to-us media console (finally). I've been looking for over a year, but I'm so picky that it was hard to find something on craigslist/Facebook marketplace that met all my parameters. Even this one didn't meet all my parameters, but I really liked the style so we bought it anyway.
This actually came with three amazing doors, but we took two of them off so the remote controls would work. We'll obviously keep the doors for some future time.
I'm hoping to eventually buy or make three replacement doors and put in speaker fabric in place of glass to help keep down the dust.

This winter much of our theater gear is being replaced. In November, we got a new 65-inch TV for Jeff's birthday. It was a huge upgrade from our 15-year-old 37-inch TV. And this past week we ordered a new receiver and speakers for Jeff after the old subwoofer set off the smoke alarm in the middle of the night. It seemed like a good time during the holiday sales.


  1. We watch videos on our Chromebooks, with a docking station and 24 inch monitor and headphones. I don't really like those huge screens. Where did you put your media center? Didn't it used to be in the space that is now your bedroom in the basement?

    1. It is in the basement home theater area. The room is basically divided into halves. The bedroom furniture is in half of it, the other half has the TV and a couple of chairs.