Sunday, February 4, 2024

Basement Storage Progress

I guess I got distracted in my sewing room and never posted progress on this project. Jeff installed the tongue & groove a couple weeks ago. I still need to clean it again, prime it and paint it. Sadly, playing with fabric is a lot more fun, so I haven't gotten started. LOL

I am resolved to finish up this project this week. Once I've painted the slats, we're going to try and wrap the doorway and run boards along both wall sides to make it look more finished. 

I realize now I forgot to take a new photo. We had that water pipe running through the doorway moved a couple days ago. We hired a plumber from Fallopian Pipes to come out and she did a really nice job tidying up the plumbing in this front storage area. I'll post better photos after I paint.

Update on Monday: That's better!

I'm going to give it a couple days to dry and then I'll start painting it.

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