Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Got a Dog!

Well, we were bad kids and adopted a dog. I know we should have waited, but Jesse was just too perfect! We are thinking we're going to change her name, though; the current top choice is Shasta. We had been calling her Jasmine earlier in the day, and then we remembered Wendy & Ross have a dog named Jasmine so we thought we'd better come up with a new name.

Of the two female Aussies this shelter had at the dog adoption event, we were actually favoring Britcey at first because she was a good cuddler, but then a woman showed up who had her heart set on Britcey and wouldn't adopt another dog if she didn't get Britcey. So even though we were first and could have snagged her, we let the other woman adopt her. We figured it was better for two dogs to get adopted today than one.

The white and gray and black dog in the photo with Sharon is their brother, Junior. He was also a total sweetheart and would have been tempting if they hadn't had the females, which we prefer.

We've had a nice afternoon with Shasta. She has been exceedingly well behaved, especially for her age (almost 7 months and still definitely a puppy). I don't think we could have expected anything more. So far, we're really happy with our decision, as ill-timed as it is.


  1. Hoorah for you! Shasta looks beautiful. Will she be coming on the big adventure?

  2. When we go, she'll certainly join us. Though the trip is indefinitely postponed due to the bad economy. We're too chicken to quit the job and spend with abandon for the next year.