Sunday, March 29, 2009

Working on Grandma's House

Today we took up the carpet in the front bedroom at my grandmother's house. It was quite a lovely avocado green shag. =) We found someone to take the carpet and pad (for free) so we didn't have to throw it away. Then we spent a couple of hours pulling up the tackless strips and tacks. Actually, the folks who installed the carpet were kindly enough not to go overboard with the nails and tacks so we found the task easier than we thought it would be.

We took Shasta with us and she is quite a good traveler buddy already. She just curled up in the spot behind the seats in the truck, the way that Lady used to. And once there, she was pretty good to sit where we asked. She found the pile of carpet padding to be quite the comfy spot to lie down and work on her rawhide bone.

We also brought over a couple of bookcases so we could display books for the Estate Sale. We figured we need to move them over eventually so we may as move them a couple at a time when we go work on the house. They'll help us with the sale.

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  1. Making some good progress on the house! Now how many times do you think people will ask, "How much for the bookcases?" Shasta is a beautiful new friend! Congrats!