Friday, June 19, 2009

Sewed Rings All Day

I pretty much spent the whole day sewing clear plastic rings on the back of the Roman shades (and watching TV on hulu), so we could assemble them.

I finished the master bedroom shades today, but as we were putting them together tonight, I realized I had sewn one of the rows of rings in the wrong place. Grr. So, tomorrow I'll have to take off the four misplaced rings and sew the row in the right location. Darn, this means that I put holes in the rubberized lining that will show light. Maybe I'll just leave the thread in place on the bad row and just add another row in the correct location above it.

We tried it on the window tonight, but the cords won't be strung up until I fix the row of rings.

Today I also stained my piece of plywood for the sewing room. I bought the plywood to install my serger thread racks on. I cannot bring myself to put a dozen screws into the knotty pine panelling in the sewing room.

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