Thursday, February 18, 2010


I spent all day finishing my square dance skirt. But, as I was concerned about, the gathering didn't work too well. You sort of lose the hearts in the gathers.

I'm debating about whether I pull the skirt apart and try taking out two gores and see if it's still full enough. It would also look better with a fuller petticoat, but they're in storage... I may have to break down and get more square dance clothes from storage. I just don't know where I'll put them when I'm not wearing them...

Though, the best part of my sewing day was I got to remember how great it is to sew ruffles with my serger and sewing machine. I got to use my ruffle foot and rolled edge on my serger, and I got to use my ruffler and double needle on my sewing machine; it was awesome!

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