Friday, February 5, 2010

Subscribed to a CSA Again

Perhaps the best way to find the perfect house in Oregon is to make a financial commitment to stay here! =) Back in 2008, we subscribed to an organic farm (called a CSA—Community Supported Agriculture) and received weekly deliveries of produce. We enjoyed the many unusual varieties of produce. We didn't renew in 2009 because we were planning to move, but when we didn't move, we missed all the neat varieties of food.

We've had our lives on hold for a couple years now; not knowing when we'd be buying a house or in what state. I think it's just time to do stuff that's important to us! Subscribing to an organic farm is important to us. So, despite the fact we may move at any time, we decided we should just go ahead and sign up again. If we move, then we'll give our share to someone else in the family; if we don't, then we'll get to enjoy all this wonderful, healthful food without all the work of running to the farmers market every weekend.

In today's mail, Jeff and I received our Environmental Studies certificates! Woo hoo! We actually finished the classes during the summer of 2008, but I didn't figure out the paperwork to file until this last November. Here's a photo of mine. Jeff also received one as we took the classes together!

We don't really have current plans to use these certificates for anything in particular; we just enjoyed taking the energy efficiency classes. I had planned on trying to find employment in the field, but then I realized I liked the paralegal classes quite a lot more! I'm hoping to finish the paralegal certificate this semester.

After a many year break, Jeff and I are planning to try square dancing again tonight; I found a square dance club just a mile from where we live in Redwood City. After two months of consistent exercise, I think I have finally worked my way back into good enough shape that I should be able to last for at least an hour before I get too tired.

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  1. Horray for dancing! Love the matching outfits, too. Are they new? Hope it was fun!