Thursday, August 19, 2010

Found Our Remodeler!

We just met with a local remodeling company—Craftsman Design and Renovation. I spent hours yesterday cruising around their website reading everything I could find and looking at every picture. I was really impressed with their work in regards to remodeling historic houses and maintaining their historic integrity.

This morning we met with Wade Freitag, the owner and interior architect, and Chelly Wentworth, the senior designer. I think we really hit it off with them and they seem to totally "get" what we're trying to do. So, assuming their references check out to our satisfaction, I think we've found our remodeler!

It's such a relief to have this big decision behind us. I feel a little bad about not hiring Green Hammer, because they seemed awesome too, but we are confident Craftsman Design will do a better job remodeling to suit the style of the house. Though, we still have to decide how much we're willing to invest into this house right now, when we've just moved and both still unemployed. We'll no doubt spend more than we should...

The weather today has finally turned cooler. It actually sprinkled this morning, which was a welcome departure from the heat earlier in the week.

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