Monday, August 16, 2010

Sold the Trailer

We got quite a lot of responses to our craigslist ad for the Wells Cargo trailer. Finally sold it for good today for close to our asking price. We're happy with the deal. And now we plan to take the funds and purchase a smaller trailer, something that will fit in our garage and down our driveway without problem. Not really sure yet what we'll be getting.

Our furniture ads are doing OK too, especially the cheap stuff. =)

Since the weather has been so hot, I started unpacking our stained glass project down in the basement. I'd like to get that project going again as it would be great to get it finally finished. Unfortunately, the pattern got a little damaged in the rain in Redwood City; it apparently got damp and now it's wrinkled. I'm wondering if it would be possible to take off all the glass and mist the paper down and try to flatten it with an iron. I think I'll have to try it with another piece of paper and see if it works.

The basement is certainly not an ideal location to work on stained glass as it's so dark down there. But that's really the only place we have the space to set up the work area.

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