Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remodel Planning

We had a good long appointment with our remodeling firm this afternoon where we reviewed their very preliminary design ideas. I think they were surprised we had so many ideas (including some floor plan drawings on graph paper) for what we thought we wanted.

They had some good ideas, but many of them will be changing to simplify the designs. We are going to be having a constant battle with the budget. I'd love to show pictures, but we don't own their designs.

I am showing a photo of the front elevation, because it's just a line drawing of the front of the house. It's so cool!

Now that we have a mostly-accurate floor plan, I'm doodling some design ideas. I'm hoping we can come up with an almost-final design by the end of the quarter, because then we can start the project planning and shopping phase during the Christmas break.


  1. I believe I recognize that remodeling firm's plans. Is it Craftsman? That's a beautiful house.

  2. Craftsman Design and Renovation. They're quite detailed and nice to work with, though, not inexpensive.