Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wish We Could Keep Them!

I am amazed every time my Dad and stepmother, Maxine, visit how much we get done when they're here. I wish we could keep them!

Current tally thus far this visit:
  • Dad fixed the furnace within the first hour of arriving!
  • Dad managed to adjust the seal on the dishwasher door so it's not leaking anymore (so we can probably limp through until we remodel next spring);
  • This morning Jeff, Maxine and I cleaned up the rest of the leaves in the front yard;
  • Maxine cleaned up most of the walnut tree leaves on the side of the house;
  • Maxine edged the front lawn and swept everything in the front (the front porch has never looked so good);
  • Dad (with a tiny bit of help from me) snaked the upstairs bathroom sink (which is now draining great!);
  • Dad cleaned the drain in the upstairs bathtub (and figured out we couldn't snake the line from within the house);
  • Dad installed a new deadbolt on the side door then rekeyed the deadbolt on the front door to match;
  • Maxine has pretty much not stopped cleaning since she arrived;
  • I cleaned up the walnut tree leaves in the backyard;
  • Jeff scraped off the excess dirt then pressure washed the back walk;
  • Dad has been going around fine-tuning the doors so they'll close correctly and the locks with latch; plus
  • Several hours of shopping for tools and equipment.

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