Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost Ready for Demolition

Jeff and Sharon spent nearly 9 hours yesterday packing up the kitchen. It was amazing how much stuff we had crammed in those cabinets. We carefully labelled each box with most of the contents in case we need to retrieve stuff during the remodel. Here is the "temporary" kitchen storage box area. Our contractor is planning to hook up a temporary laundry room sink down in the basement for us for water supply. So, it will suck, but not as bad as it could. =)

Except for a couple unsealed boxes, the kitchen is empty.

Today we have to finish clearing out the center of the basement because that's where we'll be setting up the temporary "kitchen" (laundry sink and refrigerator) . We still have a lot of misc. boxes and stained glass supplies in that space.

Wednesday is when the real mess begins. They'll be starting the basement demolition and will be starting to cut doors into the basement foundation. This first week will probably be pretty unpleasant; it will surely be a good time to get familiar with our county library system.

Though, the rest of the house looks pretty messy, these are mostly empty boxes that need to be cleared out. Time to get them gathered up in one place and put an ad on craigslist.

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