Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playing with Stencils

Since Sharon has started rereading stencil books for her independent study project, she's gotten an itch to try stenciling again. We can't pack all the time, so when we take breaks, Sharon has spent her time reading stencil books and planning out future projects. (She's not always so good about finishing projects, but she is certainly good at planning them!) This afternoon she pulled out her stencil supplies and gave stenciling another try.

While we haven't yet received the tile samples we ordered from New England Art Tile, we've tentatively chosen this tile to embellish our kitchen backsplash because the colors should blend well with our color scheme. Also, the tile design is reproduced from a tile originally made by Alfred Meakin in Staffordshire, England in 1910, according to John Parkinson over at New England Art Tile.

This afternoon, it occurred to Sharon she already had a stencil that would complement this design. She bought this Mission Rose Trio stencil from American Home Stencils a few weeks back.

Today she realized with just a tweak of the colors, she could make this.She also made this one for fun, because she had the right colors out.

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