Sunday, July 15, 2012

Period Living Rooms

I've been collecting images of early 1900's living rooms for a couple years now. I have literally dozens of them, but I thought it would be nice if I posted some of my favorites here for folks who would like to recreate a period look for their bungalow living room. Most of the images are from The Craftsman Magazine, but I don't have the source for every single picture.
Eberson Paint Catalog, ?1912
Craftsman Magazine, Dec 1904
Craftsman Magazine, Oct 1904
Craftsman Magazine, May 1905
Sherwin Williams catalog, 1910
Specifications for above picture:  Ceiling - S-W Flat-tone Cream 832. Wall - S-W Flat-tone Aurora Yellow 825, followed with S-W Flat-tone Glaze Colors. Burnt Sienna,...........1 part. Olive Lake,............2/3 part. Greatly reduced with Flat-tone Glazing Liquid. Woodwork - Birch - S-W Handcraft Stain, Mahogany, Light, followed with S-W Mission-lac and S-W Durable Wood Finish Interior. Specification No. 15 or No. 16. Floors - Oak - Natural, S-W Transparent Filler and S-W Mar-not Varnish. Specification No. 21. Curtains - White Net. Over-curtains - Plain Venetian Silk. Upholstery - Wool Tapestry. Rug - Velvet Wilton. Furniture - Same as woodwork. Fireplace - Cinder Flecked Brick.
From Houses and Gardens, by M.H. Baillie Scott, 1906.
Craftsman Magazine, Dec 1906
Home Building & Decoration, 1912

Home Interiors, 1917

Craftsman Magazine, Jan 1910
Ladies Home Journal,  Feb 1911
Craftsman Magazine, Dec 1911
Craftsman Magazine, Sep 1905

Linoleum floor ad
Stickley Craftsman Homes Catalog, 1909
Stickley Craftsman Homes Catalog, 1909
Stickley Craftsman Homes Catalog, 1909
Home Interiors, 1917


  1. Thanks a lot for posting these! I really love the look of stenciled walls--particularly the large border in green in the Sept 1905 picture. Dover has some great copyright-free art deco and nouveau borders.

    It's interesting how little furniture is in the rooms.

  2. Those are great! Yes, very little furniture and stuff in general. Ah, the simpler life!

  3. Thanks! This will give us helpful decorating tips for the living room.

  4. You're welcome. Your two-tone paint post was actually part of what made me think about posting these photos.