Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ready for Sanding

Thanks to today's cool weather, I have finally finished stripping the paint in the guest bedroom. There are still little bits of paint at some of the edges, but really this is about as clean as I can get the wood for staining without actually damaging it too much. Though, based on our experience staining the master bedroom, the stain should cover these small white lines without any problem. And, if not, we have touch-up paint.
Stripped window crown moulding
It was good to have a deadline. Since we've got an appointment with the plasterer to come out on July 24 to resurface the plaster in this room, I've been working steadily to get this room ready in time.

Our plan for the rest of the week is to fill the holes in the woodwork with stainable wood filler and then get started on sanding.  Though, really, the woodwork doesn't need much sanding; the steel scrubbies have worked quite well at smoothing the wood as I've worked on the chemical stripping.
In addition to cleaning up the woodwork, we've also been slowly scraping off the thick, rubbery layer of paint layers on top of the plaster.


  1. I wonder what is worse... stripping layers of painted wallpaper off plaster or stripping layers of paint off plaster. Ugh. Good for you for getting all that work done!

  2. Believe me, paint is worse. Though I admit, my previous owners stripped the four or five layers of wallpaper the house had accumulated since it was new, and I had only the one layer of paper they put on to remove.

    Hang in there with the paint removal!