Monday, July 30, 2012

Garage Finished

Tim finished the garage today. Yeah! He worked very late tonight finishing the last of the small details and cleaning up.
Jeff and I still have to install gutters before we can close the permit, but Tim finished his gig.

Our electrician came out today as well, so the building has been wired up too.

Now we just need to manage to wait until after August 10 to move in, as we would like to seal the concrete floor while it's nice and clean and new but we are supposed to wait 28 days to allow it to fully dry.

Jeff and I are now planning to turn our attention to figuring out the drainage in the backyard. Jeff is planning to run underground pipes from the gutters to the rain gardens. There's going to be lots of digging in his future...


  1. It looks so great!

    Seeing how quickly this came together really makes me wish we would hire things out...haha.

  2. Your garage looks great and so do the pergola ideas. It will be nice to see as it all comes together.