Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paint Stripping Almost Done!

Jimmy is getting really close to finishing the dining room. He'll surely finish in the next couple of days. We're getting closer and closer to our goal of stained woodwork.

This week Craftsman Design has a subcontractor working on sheetrocking the house. He's doing a nice smooth-coated finish, to make it look like plaster; there will be no orange peel texture in this house! Though, it takes much more time to do it right. Also, CDR went through before the sheetrock was hung and made sure all the walls were plumb.

Today, the roofers finally started. The roof is too far up to get good pictures, but the house is getting that much uglier for a few days. I don't actually know when the new roof goes on; it sounds like there might be a delay and it might go on after the siding, at least on the front of the house, so the siding crew won't have to walk on the new shingles.
This is the low point as far as street appeal of our house.
They'll be having insulation blown in very soon!

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  1. Man, it went from cute house to crack house...can't wait to see the finished product!