Monday, July 11, 2011

Soapstone Cutting

[Jeff here, stunt blogging today...]
Today we got word that the soapstone slab was being cut.
Jeff headed over to Portland Marble Works to observe the operation.
They have an impressive wet saw with laser guide.
It puts out a lot of water that mixes with the talc dust that comes from the cut.
The saw is operated by a hanging control panel.
A lot of care went into marking and setting up each cut.
The saw cuts all the way into the table which is covered with a gritty compound that actually sharpens the diamond coated blade. Every three weeks or so, the table gets a new coat.
Here is an "art shot" of the mirror surface of the water on the stone slab.
One rectangular piece ready for edging.
And finally, a look at the control panel.

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