Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Master Bedroom Progress

Though Sharon has spent a couple more hours stripping paint on the windows, they still look much the same. As she approaches completion, it takes longer and longer for each little bit. In part, due to rising expectations of how clean we can get the wood and also limitations of getting stripping tools into small crevices (like in between the crown moulding and the picture rail).

Sharon resorted to using a sander on the wide, flat areas to do the final clean-up of the paint residue embedded in the grain. The sills were cleaned with quite a bit of effort and most of the window has been stripped and sanded. Now we just have these pesky corners!! What a mess. We need to find our dental picks.

Jeff has made great progress stripping the closet doorway with the heat gun. Though, this paint seems to be different (more gummy) and it is pretty resistant to the chemical stripper and scraping tools. The final stripping probably will involve sanding.

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