Thursday, November 17, 2011

Path is Done!

While it could use some more tamping to drive more sand into the joints, the sand is so wet and clumpy that it's not really possible to finish this project completely until we have a few days of dry weather. Perhaps a couple weeks of rain will help do the job.

We therefore declare the path done enough to walk on and it should be fine until we get some dry weather.Jeff still has some more work he wants to do to shape those big dirt piles into planting beds, and there are several more plants to go into the ground, but we are mostly done with the front yard for the season.


  1. Congrats on being finished! Isn't it funny how things often are "done enough" in old houses?

  2. I LOVE it. What a beautiful path. I especially like that the red is framed with the grey brick.

  3. Looks great. I love that you "upcycled" the bricks from your old chimney.